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Retaining Systems

Many residences are constructed on graded land. Though this provides very good opportunities for landscapers like us to create naturally beautiful slopes and terraced areas, it also poses a distinct problem. Any kind of graded land will have to be leveled in areas near driveways and walkways. If there are any outdoor spaces like kitchens, retaining systems will have to be built there as well. 

Preventing Soil Erosion

Wherever there are slopes, there are also chances of soil erosion, which can cause damage to your property. This makes it important to use the right kind of retaining systems. These systems provide the right support and also provide some stability to the landscaping that you have had designed and installed with a great deal of attention and significant cost.

RLD Homes Inc are expert landscapers and as part of these services we also build all kinds of retaining systems. But before we go ahead a build these walls, there are a number of aspects that we take into consideration. We have to ascertain the wall height and sizes that are required as well as the ground pressure that is present at the spots where these walls have to be constructed.

Different Solutions

We also have to ensure that these walls are engineered to perfection. Based on the location and the specific need, different types of retaining walls can be built. Let’s take a look at the various solutions:

  • Gravity Walls- These types of retaining systems are generally of a much shorter height and they rely on their own weight to resist all the pressure that they are built to hold. These walls are always thicker at the base and narrower towards the top and they lean against the weight that they are resisting.
  • Cantilever Retaining Walls- These are single-layer walls that are of a uniform thickness & the base is connected to a very stable slab. These walls have the capacity to hold back large quantities of earth and pressure and can also support tall slopes more effectively
  • Sheet-Pile Retaining Walls- These retaining systems are generally used on much softer soil that does not have enough space for wider barriers. The planks that are used in its construction may be made of wood, vinyl or steel, based on the exact requirement.

More Solutions

In addition to all these solutions, we also build anchored walls which are anchored with cables in the ground and help in resisting pressure. The counter-fort retaining walls are very similar to the cantilevered ones but thin concrete webs are installed at certain intervals at the back of the wall, which affords them strength.

We use only the highest grade materials and expert personnel to carry out the job. RLD Homes Inc can build all types of retaining systems on your residential property in Huntington Park, Maywood, East Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Call us today on 310 560-0693 for high-graded and perfectly engineered retaining systems, that are strong and long-lasting.