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New Construction

It can be very exciting to get a new home built but it truly is a humungous job. When you decide to build your own home, you also want to be able to customize it as required and will have to deal with a slew of professionals such as architects and interior designers, contractors as well as sub-contractors. All of this can be very taxing and time-consuming.

This is exactly why it is so much better for you to hire the services of a company that will handle it all. RLD Homes Inc has been working ceaselessly in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas for a number of years now. We know the ins and outs of the new construction business and can also provide you with interior designing and allied services.

The New Construction

We have a very experienced and highly-skilled team of new construction professionals on board and provide you with one point of contact. This person will look into all your requirements and also deal with all the other personnel involved in the project.

This ensures that you are not left at sea when it comes to getting the job done.  There are a number of different stages in your new home project. Take a look at what they are- this will help you understand what you can expect over the period of time your home is getting ready:

  • Design- This is the first step of any new construction project and a very crucial one. In this phase, we understand exactly what your requirement is. When you have a family, there will always be a number of demands and requirements.

We make sure that we understand them all and then try to incorporate them in the best manner, into the design. We focus on space planning and provide guidance with concepts and ideas and ensure that the entire design is customized for you.

  • Budgeting- Even as we design the most functional and aesthetically appealing new construction for you, we understand the budget that you are working on and are very transparent with the workings. Every penny is accounted for and we also never cut corners under any circumstances.
  • Planning & Construction- Once you have confirmed the design and given us the go-ahead for the new construction, we will assign the best-skilled personnel for the job and start the construction work. When this phase is in progress, we will have reliable supervisors on site who will oversee the entire operation. You will still be able to contact your single point of contact, right through the project.
We will provide you with daily updates about progress and will keep you informed about everything that is occurring at the construction site. Call us on 310 560-0693 today, and we will provide you with complete information regarding the process. We assure you that every single aspect of your new construction will be looked into in great detail and that you are satisfied with the job in every which way possible. For the best new construction, contact RLD Homes Inc.