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Interior designing encompasses a number of aspects and it’s not just about the way a home looks; it plays a very important role in functionality too. There are times when the largest of homes will lack space while even well-designed small apartments can be comfortable and cozy. As a matter of fact, all it takes is some careful planning and attention to detail.

We at RLD Homes Inc, have been in the home improvement business in Los Angeles, for a number of years and handle all aspects related to it including designing and construction. Since we provide integrated services, you never have to worry about running from pillar to post to get things done.

An Important Fact

There is a common misunderstanding that hiring the services of a qualified interior designer is an expensive proposition. This can be no further from the truth. The fact is that when we handle your job and create spaces that are more utilitarian and provide you with solutions that help in easier maintenance and upkeep, you end up saving costs. The truth is that constructing walls and partitions in appropriate areas and having the right kind of wall and flooring insulation also goes a long way in saving costs- in the long run, you end up benefiting and you enjoy your living space more too.

The Designing Process

Once you come to us with any designing request in Huntington Park, Maywood and East Los Angeles, our expert and experienced designers will meet you and discuss all your needs. You will also have some ideas about how you want your home to be and we will take those into consideration as well.

Our designing services include solutions for new construction, existing construction, remodeling and additions. We provide you with integrated services as and when required. Regardless of how large or small the project, we focus on some very important aspects of designing, such as:

  • Creation of functional spaces
  • Focusing on aesthetics
  • Making optimal use of spaces in the home
  • Using ergonomic designing concepts
  • Ensuring customization
  • Incorporating the needs of all the members in the home
  • Providing low-maintenance options

Even as we focus on all these aspects and a lot more, we also make sure that the best materials are used and only highly-skilled personnel carry out the job. We focus on effective project management and keep your budget within view at all times. The primary function of an interior designer is to understand the needs of the client and ensure that all those needs are incorporated into the remodeling or alteration.

We Handle it All

If any new extensions, additions and construction work are involved, it would also mean focusing on engineering perfection. We at RLD Homes Inc concentrate on all these factors and more and also make sure that you are not inconvenienced in any manner, while the project is in progress.

Our staff is courteous and professional and we also ensure that the entire project is handled in a timely manner and well within your budget. Call us for all your interior designing needs on 310 560-0693.