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Additions & Renovations

If you love your home but still feel the need for a change or a larger livable space, don’t think of moving at all- simply contact RLD Homes Inc. We can very effectively enhance & expand your existing home. We can make small and large additions and renovations as required, which will ensure that you have space in your home for your growing family needs.

Revamping Tired Spaces

In some cases, you might not want an addition at all, but just need a revamp of  the existing space. We can help you with that too and spruce up living areas, bedrooms and bathroom. We have been serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas for a number of years now and understand the needs of our clients. Every additions and renovations solution that we provide is customized to your specific needs and we keep your budget in view at all times.

Once you contact us with your specific requirement, we will come out to your home and understand what your vision is. Our expert planners and designers will also help with design suggestions and focus on creating areas that will match your requirements and design objectives to perfection.

Things to Consider

Some homeowners in Huntington Park, Maywood and East Los Angeles choose to carry out renovations just before they put their house up for sale. But if you plan on living in that home, there are different aspects that you will have to consider such as:

  • Plan additions that will permit a better flow & improve the orientation and the layout. In some cases, you might just want a better view or need some extra light and air in a room and need some simple alterations
  • Addition of rooms that will accommodate the growing needs of your family. You might consider adding an extra bedroom or even a games room
  • Converting some unused space or adding to provide some accommodation to an elderly person who has come to live with you
  • Refresh & update the tired areas of your home and create a modern and fresh look. In some cases, this is no more than a coat of fresh paint. But there are also times when removing and adding wall and redesigning the layout can make a significant difference to the way your house looks
  • Expanding your home by adding decks, patios and conservatories as required
  • If there is any wall lining work that you are planning on, consider installation or upgrade of insulation which reduces the running costs in your home


Expert Contractors

These are just some of the things that you can consider as part of your Additions & Renovations project. Regardless of the actual work and the scale of the job, you will need an expert and experienced contractor to handle your project for you. Do not settle for anything but the best. Call RLD Homes Inc on 310 560-0693 and we will send out an expert to your home. Tell us what you want and what your ideas are, and we will provide you with the perfect budget-friendly options for all kinds of Additions & Renovations.